In essence, La Sierrecilla is the ideal base from which to explore, at your leisure, the authentic Andalusia and, with the A92 adjacent to the campsite, the perfect location to park and leave your caravan/motorhome for future visits, holidays and explorations.

There are 2 possibilities for this:

  • On a Parcela: Your caravan/motorhome can be sited on a parcela of your choice and permanently connected to all facilities. You just have to turn up as and when you please to immediately start enjoying your visit and/or holiday.
    Terms and Conditions for this service are available on request in reception.
  • On a Parking Lot: Starting at € 42 per month, your caravan can be parked on a designated, well paved, easily accessed parking space from which you can readily and quickly hook up and leave for wherever you wish to go.
    Merely return the caravan to your space at journey’s end.

Please contact us for further information

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