Whatever other tourist attractions are available in our region, “GASTRONOMY” always emerges as one of our most important and alluring of all. One of the essential standard bearers, our gastronomy draws travellers from all over to visit and sample the delights of our distinctive and outstanding cuisine.

Famous for its’ hunting, fishing and farming traditions, our Region, with a generally benign climate, is geographically well situated, stimulating a flourishing and prolific farming and agricultural industry.

Our star ingredient, our locally produced, highest quality olive oil, is generously and lovingly used in all our best and most succulent meat, fish, vegetable and cereal dishes.

If you ally both the culinary arts and idiosyncrasies of the local people in each area to excellent service and competitive prices, you get the allure of fantastic cuisine providing quality and value for money unequalled anywhere in other urban areas of our country.

In virtually all the bars and restaurants in Antequera and adjacent villages you can enjoy an unforgettable experience in a totally friendly, relaxing and informal atmosphere.

You can savour the sophisticated pleasure of fine dining from an appetising à la carte menu full of mouthwatering dishes or merely settle down with a few beers/wines which are accompanied by, in the true spirit of the area, “free gratis and on the house”, a selection of local tapas – small sandwich, quail egg, sausage, small croquette stuffed with meat/fish/vegetables etc.

Porra Antequerana

porraPorra Antequera, a thick creamy soup served chilled, is one of our most famous dishes available, especially in the summer.

Simple and delicious, with no cooking required, it is made from tomatoes, bread, olive oil, peppers and garlic, usually garnished with Serrano ham and diced hardboiled eggs.

With minor ingredient differences, it is known as Salmorejo elsewhere in Andalucia

Antequera Mollete

molleteAt breakfast, you just have to take the opportunity to savour a local bakery delight with your coffee and/or juice – “the Antequera Mollete”.

A fat free white bread roll of Hebrew origin, it is usually served with olive oil, finely diced tomatoes or tomato concasse and salt but, depending on customer tastes, may also include bits of cured ham or cheese.

This, in itself, will provide all the energy necessary for hiking, bicycling, sightseeing and/or doing anything else which may take your fancy.

Meat and Fish

While Antequera region remains famous for its’ traditional livestock fare of pork and/or kid/goat, we are now proud, through our hunting and fishing heritage, to complement this with a range, which may include rabbit and/or partridge, of alternative succulent dishes and stews.

As regards fish, a common and popular feature enjoyed by all is the array of delicious recipes for fish pickled in the original Roman tradition.

conejoNeither would it be a bad idea at all to ask for a platter of Iberian hams, cured cheeses or the tastiest sausages. In fact, it would be inspirational.

As for desserts, let’s just say there are a huge variety of scrumptious homemade delicacies in all the restaurants, cafes and patisseries in the area.

We understand if you do not know which to give your family as we ourselves are in the same position, treasuring each one in itself as the perfect treat.